Facebook Promotions for Small Businesses

Facebook Promotions for Small Businesses

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Anyone who has a Facebook business page has been bombarded with ad after ad of Facebook Promotions options and just like everyone else, you’ve probably hit that little x just to get it off your screen. What if I told you that Facebook Promotions is actually a highly accurate advertising and marketing tool that’s available to you for what ever you can afford? You can use it to market a new product or just to wish locals a happy holiday. Facebook Promotions is so much more useful than just another ad engine.

Why Facebook Promotions Rocks:

  1. Age Groups – It can target specific age groups on Facebook and will share your advertisement or message with exactly who would be interested in your product. Only targeting millennials? Done. What about baby boomers? Can do! This way you can frame and target your message with different language and message.
  2. Proximity – That’s right! If you only want to advertise to people in your town, you can. You can set your advertising radius to show up exactly where you want it. Starting up a small bakery in town? Maybe only go out 20 miles. Service an entire geographic location? Set it to an entire state! The sky’s the limit. (Not technically, you have to be able to drive there.) This site can give small businesses an idea on how to promote at low cost to them.
  3. Money – That’s basically what it comes down to right? The best thing about Facebook Promotions is that it operates on what you’re able to give. You can set a promotion for a week at just THREE dollars per day and reach over a thousand potential clients or users. This link will explain the most popular social media advertising for small businesses and it says that 92 percent of social marketers use Facebook Promotions. (I literally spent 30 dollars a reached over 1200 people with website traffic going up by 12%. INSANE!) So, if you can only offer a dollar a day, you can get your message read by people out there. And you’ll save money on paper copies, printing, man power and more by doing it over a platform that millions of people access every day anyway.
  4. Versatile – You can share your messages through multiple sites by going through Facebook Promotions. I was able to have ads put up on Instagram and Facebook for my measly 30 dollars and it was well worth it! This page will show you just how much different types of advertising can cost. You may want to sit down.


How is this relevant?

What’s important to remember is that, as a small business, every dollar you spend has to do as much for your business as it possibly can. Your ROI has to be high and knowing how to use Facebook Promotions is one skill that you can’t afford to miss out on. Facebook Promotions is more than just making more money. It’s also a valuable tool for broadcasting your key messages and mission statement so that those around you can align their interests with your own. It can lead not only to new clients and customers, but also to new partnerships and inquiries. It’s Facebook Promotions, not Facebook Advertising. Click here to learn a bit about how promoting and advertising are different.

 Why does this matter?

Facebook Promotions is cast as a cheap way to advertise your products and services, but it can be so much more than that. With this service, a business can broadcast a message about their values or beliefs or even just a call to arms or invitation to an event that is local  and relevant to everyone that sees it. Making a message relevant is important and when you can pinpoint exactly the demographic that you want to hear that message, it’s easier to broadcast what is relevant to them.

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