Colloquium Fun!

I was lucky enough to sit in early on Tyler Hartsook’s panel at the 2017 Kennesaw Statetall University’s Communication Colloquium. I was able to ask him some great questions before his panel even started. He and I talked about how hard it is to start on your own in any field. I shared my experience of ghostwriting through Upwork and how, even though I want to be paid 15 cents per word, when I started I was making less than 2 cents per word. Hartsook said that’s how you have to start. You have to be willing to grind and then he used a bit of colorful language which I won’t post, but he was right. You have to be willing to grind to get the things you really want. Also, he is ridiculously tall.

I realized during the second panel that Eat Here ATL and Hungry Girls Do It Better decided to attend because it was basically free publicity. Even though they didn’t say it, I took the note mentally that if I ever get in this situation, that I should always be willing to impart my knowledge on students like they did. ( They gained at least 20 followers each that night). I loved their personalities and how Olivia Tuttle had been in routine contact with them multiple times, but they never realized it was her. That’s just how the industry works I guess. Ton’s of people reach out to influencers, but they rarely remember who you are. They also talked about how you have to be shameless in promoting these days because of all the digital clutter that’s around us all the time. Remaining consistent is key.2ndpanel

I’m grateful that I was able to attend and got to add Robert McDaniels (AdobeSpark) and Tyler Hartsook (22squared) to my profile on LinkedIn. I had such a fun and informative night.

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