Buy Nots For Baby!

As a first time mother, I was assaulted with information, advice, and advertising that I bought way too much stuff for my daughter. Now N is a very active, bright, cheerful, and interactive baby. I know many of you will disagree, but that’s okay. These are things that did and didn’t work with my baby. Some of the things I purchased could be great for my future children but these are my Buys and Buy Nots for a first baby.

Buy Nots!

Baby Bath Tub – Honestly, I used this thing like maybe three times until I just got fed up with it and started plopping her in the bath with me. I found that sharing bath time with N was so rewarding and helped reinforce her bedtime routine. The baby bath tub took up a ton of space and for some reason, N loved going #2 in it. Not once has she gone #2 while in the bathtub with me.

Baby Gym – I actually bought two of these. One for travel and one for home. N hated both of them. More so, once she figured out it was a toy to distract her so mommy could clean the kitchen, she hated them. N enjoys playing with the toys once you take them off, but the actual mats just stayed folded up behind my recliner. My sister-in-laws kids love them, but N just doesn’t.

Baby Towels and Wash Rags– Super cute, but just take up space. I live in a small apartment and purchasing things just to add to the never ending laundry pile seems, in hindsight, silly. (I might also mention I received a TON of these towels as baby shower gifts.) Also, just because a rag is a pastel color, doesn’t mean it works better on babies.

Baby Food Maker–  I bought this with the best intentions of making my baby’s food. And I did for a while and something I discovered was that I could have just used my Oster blender that we got as a wedding present. Just because something is smaller, doesn’t mean that it is better for baby. Thank goodness I bought it used!

Boppy –  I am still breastfeeding and I can say that I never liked this. N never liked this. Neither of us were very happy with it. We tried using it as a tummy time ring but N was too active for it and always wiggled out of it. It never fit me right and didn’t give N the right angle to latch. I happy for those that are happy with it, but I never was. Before buying one, find a friend who has one and ask to borrow it to see if it works for you.

So there is my list of Buy Nots for Baby. I hope I helped you make some decisions! I’ve learned before I mkae a purchase to ask around and see if I can borrow or try out someones items. I also normally buy my items second hand. It’s just so much cheaper!

What was your worst baby purchase?


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